Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones has resigned yeah! About time, exactly what did the "Green Czar" do besides have his face all over the news and making stupid statements? Exactly what was he talking about with "Columbine" only middle class white boys will go and shoot up a school not 'black boys' no they will just what shoot each other and that makes it ok? I did not understand his point.

What is happening with the Obama Czar's? He has not been in office all that long and his administration is taking hits everyday. The Health Care is a huge issue, I am not ready to give my opinion of it as of yet, I am still trying to read the 1000 pages, I want to be informed. I do believe everyone should have health care, but I am not so sure I think that the government should have so much control.

What is up with Representative Slaughter? She will not have a Town Hall meeting because she does not want to be 'attacked" verbally I mean? She is basically signing her own political death, the people elected you, and if you do not meet this face on you will not be reelected, seriously these people elected you to represent them, not your own agenda. Also, what is with the supporters of the Healthcare saying the people who are speaking out is a "Republican" Proganda and then these people are outside telling people how to act when someone stands up and disagrees? What about 'Freedom of Speech?: Do you think it does not apply to you?

It is amazing all that is happening in the world and what is happening with our
New President"

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