Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Well, beginning of my 3rd week, in my new position, new property and new town.  We think we have found a place, which I absolutely love and want!!  We did apply but the husband needs a job in order for us to qualify, one of the jobs would have him out of the home 4pm-11pm 5 days a week, and we would have no full days off together.  I know I am being selfish, I just really want us to have a life together. So part of me, is wondering if we should then look at a less expensive place in order for us to live off my paycheck and use his part time work for fun!!!

Why be married if we do not spend anytime together? When he was at the Tavern, we at least had one whole day together.  He has other options and I am hoping one of those works out, so we do not have to choose between our life together or paying our bills.  I took this new position to move forward in my career, and to make more money so we can actually enjoy our life together and not be living to work, but work to be living..

These past three weeks have been tough, but today, I enjoyed talking to my boss, and getting everything out what I have seen in the last 3 weeks and learning what the expectations of my position are, and how to go forward without over stepping my boundaries.

I am look forward to the new opportunity and to explore more of this part of the state and Vermont.

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