Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is Heather from "Real Housewives of the OC", when she first started on the show, I liked her, even though she kept saying I am an actress, and I can not seem to find anything she has been in besides, Love Connection, is that show on anymore?

I liked that she is from the East Coast, ( Even though NY) and I am born and raised New England Girl. She s straight forward and knows how to get what she wants out of life.  I think she would be fun to hang out with ( if I had money)..

Then last night episode she offended me so bad, I felt the need to share. She and (5) of her rich girlfriends have decided to open a restaurant in Orange County, because according to her there is no good restaurants there, you have to go to LA which you would take your  helicopter not drive the 2 hours. 

She worked as a "hostess" once and was not good at, but they think it would be "Fun" and a place they can hang out and catch up on their lives.   She also, said, I can work while the kids are in school. When does she think the restaurant is busy 8am-2pm Mon-Fri? Think again, your busy times when the owners should be there is Evenings and Weekends. 

Then her husband the plastic surgeon made a comment that if it fails in 2 years who cares? I will tell you who will care the people you hire to run it, who have put in the time and the energy and now want it to succeed they will care. With your attitudes you need to pay high salaries to get the right people in there to run it, because obviously you have  no clue how a restaurant runs. Do you know what a P & L is? Where your food and liquor costs should be at? How to deal with the licensing bureaus? Health Inspectors? Linen companies? What your concept is ?  How to make and price a menu? Then what advertising will cost? The Social Media Aspects how does that help your business?

My husband and I have been in this business from FOH to Back of House to Catering for over 20+ years and it just appalling to me that you just want to open a restaurant to have fun and hang out.

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