Tuesday, November 13, 2012

About 35 years ago, ( I can not believe it) my church group with parents would come up to New Hampshire and go skiing for the weekend. We would leave after school and work on Friday and then stay until Monday.  We would stay in a building like this one ( It could be it), and have a common room downstairs, it was always so much fun.

When my husband I moved to New Hampshire in 2009, I have often thought of this, and yesterday, I decided to drive out and see if the building is still there.  The resort is the King Pine Ski area, and this building in picture I believe is the same building or just a new building in the same spot.  The resort has definately grown up! 

I just remember this time always being something to look forward too and a giant slumber party, I wonder if the parents were downstairs with some wine in front of the fireplace while us kids were upstairs jumping from room to room and rough housing?  I would like to think they enjoyed it as much as we did. I really have not skiied much in the last 30 years, here or there but will always have great memories of these ski trips with the church.

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